Construction Camera

Bokul Monzil

  1. Bakul Monjil project 5th floor brick work and 6th floor ceiling plaster work.
  2. Bakul Monjil project 3rd floor plaster work, 4th floor brick wall work and 5th floor brick wall layout work.
  3. Bakul Monzil project 2nd floor electric groove cutting, grill fitting and toilet door fitting work and 3rd floor brick wall work.
  4. Bokul Monjil project 8th floor roof beam re-bar fabrication work
  5. Bokul Monjil Project 7th floor roof slab work complete.
  6. Bokul monjil 7th floor roof slab casting
  7. Bokul Monzil 6th floor roof slab casting
  8. 6th Floor Roof Slab RCC Casting Work
  9. 6th Floor Column SW Stair Casting Work